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AHRC Nassau Volunteer Dinner Honors Exceptional Service

AHRC Nassau Volunteer Dinner Honors Exceptional Service

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Jerri Walker and Sandia Lu pose with Sandia's award at the volunteer dinner“How did your love story volunteering with AHRC begin?” asked Volunteer and Project Coordinator Jerri Walker at AHRC Nassau’s annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner, held on June 6. Jerri addressed the crowd of nearly 100 people and shared how she began working with the agency over 20 years ago after answering an ad in the local paper.

Jerri invited guests to share their own story on a card placed on their table. Many of the volunteers who attended the evening have spent years giving back to the AHRC community. The dinner served as a special occasion to honor all their efforts.

Sandia Lu, President of The Giving Tree Family, received the Commitment and Dedication Award for AHRC Nassau while Nyle Mohan was recognized with the Commitment and Dedication Award for Citizens Options Unlimited because of his longstanding support for the campers at partner agency Citizens Options Unlimited. Vice President Shaun Weathers presented the agency’s first ever Lenny Tucker Award to John Klimaszewski due to his outstanding dedication as a one-to-one volunteer.

Along with them, 53 volunteers were given certificates of appreciation for their outstanding dedication to the agency.

Jerri Walker, Nyle Mohan, and another volunteer pose with Nyle's award at the volunteer dinner

“If you have not already heard it today, know that you matter,” shared CEO Stanfort Perry. “Your willingness to give selflessly speaks to your character. The fruits of your labor make a tangible impact and makes a difference in the lives of the people you support.”

Prior to acknowledging the evening’s honorees, attendees enjoyed performances from two longtime volunteers, Bhawna Sudhir and Hens Eustache.

Bhawna—known affectionately as Miss B—started volunteering with the agency in 2017 and continued to volunteer virtually throughout the pandemic. Before performing, Miss B shared what giving back with the agency means to her.

“Thanks to Jerri for giving me this opportunity and including me everywhere. Especially as a special needs mom, I’m honored to volunteer with AHRC,” said Miss B. “I’m grateful to be part of this community.” Miss B wowed the crowd with a traditional South Asian dance with sophisticated hand gestures and footwork.

Equally well received was Hens, who played the guitar and sang for the attendees. Hens is a recently retired Direct Support Professional with the agency. On his days off he would travel from White Plains to volunteer with seniors who are in AHRC programs.

Volunteerism is such an integral part of our organization, and we are grateful to every person, organization and community partner who has played a part in supporting our mission. With your dedication and service, we have built an amazing community focused on creating meaningful outcomes for people or all abilities.