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AHRC Nassau's Lynne Brewer helps her friend Billy Meyer have a lifetime of memories in 18 months. She is pictured standing with Billy and her sister, Diane.

Billy and Me: A Lifetime of Memories in 18 Months for Billy Meyer

Friday, October 12, 2018

When Billy Meyer was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given four months to live, AHRC Nassau Community Habilitation Worker, Lynne Brewer, knew what to do. Project “Make Memories for Billy” was started to make sure Billy would have a lifetime of memories. “What Billy wanted more... Read More

45 years of service: Peggy Limongelli shares memories that mattered

45 Years of Service: Peggy Limongelli shares memories that mattered

Thursday, October 4, 2018

For 45 years, Peggy Limongelli brought all of her talents to AHRC Nassau, from management of hundreds of employees to soap-making. Starting as a special education teacher and retiring as an assistant director of day program, Peggy’s focus has been not on “leading a horse to water”... Read More