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Celebrating 27 Years of Love, Travel & Movies

Celebrating 27 Years of Love, Travel & Movies

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Celebrating their wedding anniversary, Maryann and Jeffrey Witt headed to a local Italian restaurant to enjoy a special dinner. Direct Support Professional, Kamielle Harrison, planned a romantic dinner for them at a local Italian restaurant, Piccolo, to celebrate their 27th anniversary on March 31, 2023. The couple sat in a corner booth and enjoyed one of many dinners they shared throughout the years.

This tradition started shortly after they met, at a time when Maryann set out to quench her thirst for adventure. It was 1992 when Maryann and her friend Vivian were preparing for a trip to Nashville, TN, supported by AHRC Nassau’s Residential Services. It would be Maryann’s first plane ride. She was anxious, but the pair didn’t want to miss the opportunity to visit the Music City.

Maryann and her friend saved up for the trip, and when the time eventually came, she was full of jitters and counted on Vivian to help settle her nerves.Maryann and Jeffrey Celebrating their Wedding Anniversary

As they made their way onto the plane, Maryann found an empty seat next to “a handsome-looking man” and debated sitting next to him.

Still quite nervous, Maryann asked her friend, “Do you think I should sit there?”

To which Vivian replied, “Sure, that’s Jeffrey. He’s a good guy but he likes all the girls.”

Maryann, unfazed, sat next to Jeffrey who noticed her trembling hand. She told him she’d never flown before and was feeling a little nervous.

He simply replied, “Don’t worry. You’re in good hands,” as he put his hand over hers. After feeling his hand, she also noticed her fears melted away. Now comfortable in her seat, she befriended the handsome stranger.

They sat, talked, and stayed together throughout their trip. They took a tour of Nashville, visiting Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, the late president’s famed historic estate. They even visited Radio Corporation of America (RCA), where Elvis recorded his albums.

After their wonderful trip to Nashville, Maryann wanted to return the favor to Jeffrey for showing her such a good time. She invited him over for dinner and made her famous meatloaf casserole.

Four years later, the couple tied the knot on March 31, 1996. They have been sharing their love of food, movies, and travel together ever since.

“She’s a good girl and she helps me out a lot. We’ve been to Canada, the Virgin Islands, and on cruises together. When I get the support I need, I’ll even take her to Italy one day,” said Jeffrey.