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Thank you to everyone for showing your support for #DSPWeek! This is just the beginning; we’ll continue sharing how #DSPsRock on an ongoing basis. Stay tuned and if you have any #inspiring stories you’d like to share email

“I love gardening with the guys,” Maria Kelly shares. “Last year, we donated over 500 pounds of vegetables to Island Harvest. Teaching them how to use tools and make things grow is wonderful. It’s another way of helping them learn skills and be ready to go out into the world.”

Angelo Barrucci enjoys helping his volunteer group volunteer at Goodwill Industries, Inc. “Working as a DSP changed me. You learn so much every day about what matters and how to be happy.” Whether out in the community or teaching life skills in day hab, Angelo is proud to make a difference in the lives of the people he supports. “With one of my guys with autism, we sat down together and wrote an advocacy letter. I’d been working with him on how to put together a letter and it blew me away. Everything we’d worked on together he remembered – and he was writing a letter about his rights.”











Daryl Smalls also enjoys being out in the community with the guys, volunteering at organizations such as Meals on Wheels. “It’s a win-win; we get to give back and make people smile, while allowing our folks to work independently.” This aligns with what’s most important to Daryl, which is that he “help show the guys who they are and what they can be.











“Part of the job is to help broaden horizons,” Matt Jordan shares. “A lot want to take initiative and do things, but sometimes you have to figure out ways to make accommodations so they can. (One of our guys) loves to help, but his gait slows him down and makes it difficult for him. I do my best so he can be a part of things. . .My favorite part of the job is knowing that that I make a difference, especially when they’re smiling back at me.”

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