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Direct Support Professional (DSP) Recognition Week 2020

Words can not express my gratitude for Elton Shrestha's diligent management of the Uniondale Residence, and care of Joseph 'Joey' Clurfeld, my brother, during the pandemic. I was very concerned about Joey with Covid-19 spreading so virulent in group environments. I considered taking him to my home in Florida, but Covid restrictions with travel made that impossible. Thankfully, Elton was excellent about following up regularly with my sister and me to inform us about all of the precautions being taken and what the AHRC and Uniondale Residence was doing to keep our family members safe. I know it was a busy time for staff with the probable heavy work load and reduced staff. But Elton always managed to answer my questions, and alleviate my fears. I have always thought Elton was a top notch house manager. His dedication, tenacity and genuine concern in keeping our family members safe during the pandemic, confirms his excellence in managing the Uniondale Residence.
Audrey Clurfeld (Joey Clurfeld's sister)
Though we haven’t gotten to know you all personally yet on our short outdoor visits to see Kenny since COVID began, we have noticed a very tangible change of atmosphere at the 160 Jackson Street residence. The staff is warm and welcoming and has much more of a feeling of a caring family instead of employees just there to fill a job. We are also very grateful for your dedication and diligence with COVID precautions and for keeping the residents safe and the house COVID free. It is a very difficult time for all and you all have made a difference. Thank you for all you do and for improving the home and lives of Kenny and all the residents. You are much appreciated! Stay healthy!
Fred Sterbenz (Dad) & Marie Lindell (sister)
Thank you for taking such good care of my brother Jeffrey Eblowitz in the woodpecker house!!! We appreciate you!!!
Rhonda Kremer (sister of Jeffrey Eblowitz)
A special thank you goes out to all the staff at the Roslyn Apartments who have made Artie’s world a place where he can be himself - - always being comfortable in expressing his own unique personality with others. Each and every one of you are so selfless and his family is so grateful for making Artie feel loved and safe. It means more than words could ever express. I would be remiss in not giving “special kudos” to Shirley who always makes the time to answer any questions that Artie or I, as his guardian, may have concerning his finances, health or just Artie’s everyday living. On behalf of my family, again thank you for your loving support!! God Bless each of you!
Nan O’Hara (Arthur Peterson’s Sister)