Your voice can make a significant difference in the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities


AHRC Nassau, The Arc New York and today’s service model originated 70 years ago due to the advocacy efforts of people with disabilities, their family members, friends and supporters. Share your perspectives and let lawmakers know the strong community that stand up for the issues impacting people all abilities, especially:

There have been concerted efforts and a number of bills by Congressional GOP members to overturn the Affordable Care Act as well as institute large cuts to Medicaid through proposed block grants and per-capita caps. These changes would translate into funding no longer being based on need, but instead a set funding amount. It would also limit or fully cut waiver services for residential and adult day programs, self-direction, respite, and community habilitation – the services needed to ensure a dignified quality of life for people with disabilities. Recently, federal tax legislation cut funding streams for programs supporting people with disabilities.

After many years of campaigning to raise the minimum wage of direct support professionals (DSPs), Gov. Andrew Cuomo, alongside the New York Assembly and Senate, signed into the budget a 3.25% pay increase, effective Jan. 1, 2018 and an additional 3.25% increase for April 1, 2018. The campaign has seen success, yet the next campaign leg in winter 2017-18 seeks to accelerate the distributions over the next two years, rather than six. Please check out the #bfair2directcare website and stay tuned for rallies, messaging campaigns and more.

Keep the Promise
There is currently an escalating housing crisis underway, leaving thousands of New Yorkers with intellectual and developmental disabilities in immediate need of permanent housing. As a member of the Keep the Promise Family Coalition, AHRC Nassau seeks to urge Governor Cuomo to create a transparent process and allocate appropriate funding to remedy this situation. Please read the recent campaign report to the governor and sign this petition.

Make the Change
Seventy percent of New Yorkers with disabilities are unemployed. According to New York State Industries for the Disabled, Inc., bureaucratic challenges are creating significant barriers to entry. Updated language is needed in the Preferred Source Law to ensure more timely approval of contracts and greater employment of this underserved workforce. Support the bipartisan legislation sponsored by State Senator Cathy Young and Assembly Member Aileen Gunther in the 2018 budget (S 5086/ A 6832) by signing this petition

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