The services in New York State are changing from traditional program models to Consolidated Supports and Services, otherwise known as Self-Directed Services. AHRC Nassau proudly supports this vision that focuses on self-determination and self-direction as a means for people to develop personalized services and supports to better meet their needs.

AHRC Nassau supports 2,200 people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities through a wide array of supports. AHRC supports men and women to live the life they choose through a vast array of individualized supports and services. In doing so, we are proud to say that 90 cents of every dollar AHRC receives goes directly to programs supporting the people we support. To see a full breakdown of our expenses, click here and here.

Call our Central Enrollment department at (516) 293-2016, ext. 5370, for general information and to:

  • Determine which programs and services might be right for you or your loved ones.
  • Become eligible for these services.
  • Navigate OPWDD procedures and obtain services.
  • Start the process of program enrollment.
  • Connect with the right contacts in our agency.