Increasing daily living skills.
Increasing daily living skills.

The Community Habilitation Program is designed for adults 18 or older who reside with family or independently in the community. This program aims to build skills that will increase independence in their home as well as providing opportunities for community inclusion.

Individuals are matched with a compatible worker and they work in small groups or on a one-to-one basis. This service is provided in the community where the person lives in order for them to develop relationships in their own neighborhood. We strongly encourage the people we support to join local groups, participate in local events and use neighborhood vendors in an effort to create relationships and supports in their own community. They do this with the benefit of a staff member for guidance.

Our program largely focuses on skills building in the home. We work to improve household and personal care skills at every level. We strive for everyone to become as independent as possible in the management of their own home life. We encourage individuals to take responsibility for themselves, their space and their belongings.

We provide this service as a self-directed program. We work closely with individuals and their family to create goals and schedules that supports their needs. We are also happy to hire workers that are chosen by the individual receiving services.

For more information regarding this service, feel free to contact the Family Support Service Office at 516-293-2016, x5607 or x5609.