Meeting all your residential and commercial landscaping needs

AHRC Landscape Design and Maintenance provides a wide array of Landscaping Services. We are an affiliate of New York State Industries for the Disabled (NYSID); in which we provide our services to the Freeport Armory, Department of Labor in Hicksville, and New York Power Authority in Holtsville and Brentwood to name a few.

Our services include:

Landscape Maintenance

  • Cutting grass
  • Edging walks
  • Cultivating beds
  • Weeding beds
  • Edging beds
  • Power Blowing walks

Spring Cleanups March, April and May:

  • Preparing your yard for the warmer weather
  • Power raking lawn and removing thatch
  • Raking up leaves and branches
  • Weeding, edging and cultivating beds
  • Edging walks
  • utting grass
  • Power blowing walks

Fall Cleanups November and December:

  • Fall cleanups keep your property clean throughout the winter preventing insects from nesting
  • Raking up leaves and branches
  • Final cutting of the lawn
  • Edging walks
  • Power blow walks

Winter Cleanups January and February:

  • Raking lawns
  • Cleaning window wells
  • Cleaning drain gutters
  • Raking out beds
  • Cleaning walks and driveways
  • Trimming bushes and small trees
  • Shaping up shrubs
  • Removing clippings

Landscape Design

  • Turn your yard into a spectacular show piece, whether you’re planning on all new landscaping or updating your flower beds, we lay out your property and recommend economical improvements
  • Trees, shrubs, bulbs, perennials, annuals, colorful mulch, decorative gravel, edging, store front flower pots, top soil, boulders, sod, landscape decorations, ornamental shrubs, exotic shrubs

  • Power core aeration is needed for better soil drainage and root development
  • Increases the lawns drought tolerance and improves it’s over all health
  • Reduces water runoff

Lawn Treatments

  • We combine the best and safest methods of pest management to keep the pest population at or below a pre-established level of tolerance
  • We identify the pest and treat it only if needed, using minimum pesticides protecting health and the environment
  • Pesticide applications-Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Miticides, Nemacides
  • Insecticide to control grubs and a wide range of insects on the turf and ornamentals
  • Non-Selective Herbicides to control all vegetation such as weeds growing in unwanted places
  • Selective Herbicide Broadleaf weed control to establish a healthier, greener more attractive lawn
  • All types of Fertilizers, Winterizes, Lime, Sun and shade grass seeds


  • Add visual excitement and sound and increase your property value with ponds and waterfalls. Our goal is to help you create ponds that look great and require minimum effort to maintain
  • Pond free waterfall packages
  • Pond and waterfall packages
  • Pond kits installed with decorative rocks and optional shrubs, plants and lighting

Rubbish Removal

  • Cleaning out garages, homes and offices of all unwanted garbage removal
  • Transporting garbage to the town dumps

Commercial Snow Removal

  • Plowing parking lots
  • Manual snow shoveling walks
  • Power snow blowing walks and entrances
  • Ice melt
  • Sand and salt mix

For more information or a free estimate please contact:
Robert Hayes, Crew Coordinator 516-546-7700 ext. 4196 or