Community Engagement.
Community Engagement.

Our Freeport Vocational Center has been providing opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities since 1970. Our 115,000 Sq. Ft. facility meets all OSHA standards. We work meticulously to assure a clean, safe working environment for all our program participants. We have nurses on premises that provide support for our program participants as needed. Our facility provides multiple services all of which are based in a person centered approach.

The goal of our pre-vocational program is to cultivate our program participant’s skills in order to attain integrated community employment through a structured, supervised and paid working environment. This is done through specific job tasks and skill training with an emphasis on speed and productivity. All of our program participants are assigned a Vocational Service Coordinator (VSC) whom, with direct input from the program participant, develops a plan in order to help our program participants reach their goals. The VSC is in the facility throughout the work day and is accessible at any time should a program participant need their assistance. Each program participant will also be assigned a working area and a supervisor who will work side by side with them in order to help them attain their established goals and cultivate their skills. Each area has 30-35 program participants working on specific tasks provided by our clients. Our Pre-vocational program has a national client base which provides our program participants with consistent work. Our large program provides our participants the opportunity for social, personal and communication skill development.

If one of our program participants is able to attain a level of proficiency in the pre-vocational program they may be considered for our Supported Employment Program, which assists individuals in getting jobs within the community.

For more information please contact the following:

Dasha Falchiere, supervisor, Prevocational Services, at (516) 546-7700, ext. 4016
Justin Dantzler, director, Employment and Business Development, at (516) 546-7700, ext. 4002