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A Self-Advocate’s Perspective on #bFair2DirectCare

A Self-Advocate’s Perspective on #bFair2DirectCare

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Hello. My name is Jessica Campbell.

I am a member of the Self Advocacy Association of New York State (SANYS) and am gainfully employed at a SANYS, AHRC Nassau as well as the Suffolk Independent Living Organization. I also sit on the Board of Directors for AHRC Nassau.

Throughout my life, I have received both traditional and non-traditional services. Many staff became natural supports. Like myself, #bFair2DirectCare is vital for many who have families, who are getting older, are no longer living, or can’t support people with disabilities.

My safety and the safety of others will be at risk if there is not enough staff due to unfair wages. We are one community, one voice, and deserve opportunities to live self-directed lives. Our staff empowers us to live our lives just like you!

Jessica Campbell on #bFair2DirectCare. What it is like NOT to have enough staff. Imagine not getting the help you to need to get medication, access money, stay clean, cook, do your job or go out into the communnity. Let the Governor know you support #bFair2DirectCare at 518.474.8390..