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AHRC Farmingdale Day Hab Shares Heartfelt Baskets With MOMMAS House

AHRC Farmingdale Day Hab Shares Heartfelt Baskets With MOMMAS House

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When AHRC Farmingdale Day Hab Manager Blosom Cole worked in Central Islip, several years ago, she helped out at a local soup kitchen. While volunteering, she heard stories from people, who lost their jobs, houses and loved ones.

“In a second, your life can change. I thought, ‘What can I do to give back?’” said Blosom. “AHRC was the opportunity to help make a difference.”

Blosom realized this call to action at the Farmingdale Day Hab, where volunteering efforts are a regular part of the program’s schedule. For the past four years, Blosom has organized holiday donations to the local home for young mothers, MOMMAS House in Wantagh. This nonprofit offers guidance and direction for young mothers to learn how to support themselves and their children independently.

The most recent donation was delivered by the program, this past Valentine’s Day.

Nakia Bills, Maria Cruz and Eric Ross were especially dedicated to making sure the young mothers received heartfelt baskets. As the group worked together, everyone shared their special gifts and talents, step by step, sorting products, folding clothes, then arranging and wrapping baskets with festive ribbons and shining paper.

Nakia used her grandmother’s affectionate manner of calling people by their last names encouraging her fellow team members forward. Maria, who one day aspires to work in a laundry mat or department store, spent time making sure each piece of clothing was crisply folded. Also, Eric enthusiastically helped out with all the tasks, good naturedly competing, and showing he was able to do everything from start to finish.

The Farmingdale Day Hab has more baskets in the works in the coming months and looks forward to continuing to show the love to the neighboring nonprofit. For Blosom, the opportunities that arise from working at Day Hab is something she looks forward to every day.

“The guys love to help people and be useful,” said Blosom. “I love working with them. You get to give back and there’s always something new to learn.”

Proud to be a part of an organization dedicated to service, Blosom also shared her thanks to “God for impressing upon my heart and for AHRC affording the Farmingdale II Hub Site the opportunity to give back to the community, but most of all we want to thank everyone who supports this cause with their constant donations from AHRC: Harriet Traversa, Brooke Gillman, Janice Shear, Dorothy Appleyard and Justin McDannell, as well as parents: Mr. & Mrs. Tantillo, Stacie Armstrong  and members of Queens Faith Temple: Sandra Thompson, Josephine Stewart and Carol Harris.”