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AHRC Nassau Art Competition Closes; Winning Entry Is Richard Infante’s “A Day in the Park”  

AHRC Nassau Art Competition Closes; Winning Entry Is Richard Infante’s “A Day in the Park”  

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Over the past week, AHRC Nassau conducted an art competition to choose which painting to send to The Arc New York Art Competition in Albany. With so many wonderful choices, AHRC Day Services hosted an online voting with all in the community invited to choose the entry representing the agency.

Richard Infante shows his painting of a park
Richard Infante shows his painting A Day in the Park

“A Day in the Park” by Richard Infante of the East Meadow Art Gallery took first place and will be entered in the competition. The painting was inspired by Richard’s fond memory of a school playground he enjoyed as a child. Richard sketched the playground from memory, gathered his paint colors and supplies, and painted the canvas completely independently.

While only one entry can be sent to the competition, all artists will be recognized for their art with a certificate and recognition on social media.

The other beautiful works of art included “Mountains of Colorado” by John Basile, which took second place in the voting. John currently receives day services at his home. John attended the East Meadow Art Gallery, prior to the pandemic. This piece represents one of John’s favorite art themes – landscapes. He usually prefers to work with pencils and pastels.

Third place was given to “Abstract Art” by Karen Carlson of Massapequa Carmans site. During the pandemic, Karen developed a special love of painting and decided to submit her favorite piece.

Honorable mention also goes to James Gelormino for “The House,” Clarence Wills for “The Golden Bridge” and Donna Nowakoski for “Fairy World.”

AHRC Nassau Day Services are open with in-person and virtual opportunities available. Contact us for more information.