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AHRC’s Stars and Stripes Bowling Bonanza

AHRC’s Stars and Stripes Bowling Bonanza

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There were no lanes to spare at AMF Syosset Lanes on Saturday, June 17. Bowlers from the AHRC community showed up for the last bowling session of a five-month tournament season.
Bowlers from the AHRC community bowled in Syosset
This last tournament was Patty Fran’s first. Patty attends the Massapequa Clocks Day program and loves to be part of the action. “My DSP (Direct Support Professional) Darlene picks me up every Saturday. We get breakfast and do all sorts of stuff, but I always go bowling. I like to spend time with my friends.”

Lynne Brewer, AHRC Community Relations Liaison, has been organizing the tournaments for nearly two years. Each tournament is ten sessions long, starting in January and August. Once there, bowlers not only play sets, but they also sing, dance, catch up with friends and watch their names come up on the leaderboard. There are also refreshments, snacks, and mini-contests for prizes.

For this final session, attendees were encouraged to wear red, white, and blue to participate in a spirit contest with their group. AHRC Ruby Lane residents took home first prize and posed for a photo just in time for the Mister Softee Ice Cream truck to pull up and serve sweet treats. As the fun ended, attendees received an American flag pinwheel souvenir, a t-shirt, and an ice cream cone to enjoy on their ride home.