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Christine Marra Uses Crafting and Card Making to Give Back

Christine Marra Uses Crafting and Card Making to Give Back

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Christine Marra poses with some cards that she designed for EasterChristine Marra, a 66-year-old resident of Bethpage, has been an active participant in the AHRC Day Services in Freeport for over five years. On March 13, during her Easter-themed sale of handmade cards and bracelets, Christine successfully raised $66, which she generously donated to Shriners Hospital for Children. Her hobby turned charitable event sprang from an experience she had in 2022.

She learned of a family with a sick daughter seeking treatment at Shriners. Christina found their story deeply moving and donated $50 to their cause.

What she received in return led her on the path to using her hobby to give back.

“They sent her a thank you letter, and we read it together. It was very sweet,” said Aprilyn Ratley, Assistant Manager Day Services, Freeport.

Since she was young, Christine loved crafting; everything from beading, bedazzling, and sequined art caught her eye. After receiving the thank you letter, she thought of ways to continue giving back.

She taught herself to use Hallmark Card Maker, a card-making software for creative projects, and enlisted her brother’s help to stock up on the necessary ink and materials for card-making.

For the past two years, she has been throwing holiday card sales at her day services site. She not only sells greeting cards with whimsical phrases like “Happy Sun Kissin’ Your Nose, Happy Grass Ticklin’ Your Toes,” but also handmade bracelets and key chains.

“I do everything at home, they are nicer and cheaper than the ones at the store. I wanted to help, and this is a good way to do that,” said Christine.

Christine holds three to four sales a year around the holidays and makes around $50-100 a sale. Although small, the sales have allowed her to donate close to $1,000 to Shriners.

She also makes birthday cards for her fellow day services participants.