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Dancing the Night Away, Making Cherished Memories at June Jubilee

Dancing the Night Away, Making Cherished Memories at June Jubilee

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During two nights of celebration, over 500 people living in AHRC community residences danced the night away with their friends and family. The June Jubilee at The Sterling in Bethpage on June 11 and 12, came together because of the commitment and dedication of Community Liaison Lynne Brewer, her network of volunteers, and the support of agency leadership. After three years of fundraising and planning, Lynne’s team threw an unforgettable party they will remember for years to come.

The team planned two nights of celebration to make sure that everyone had the opportunity to attend. It was a formal evening complete with dinner, a DJ, photobooth, two caricature artists, and oversized games like Jenga and Connect 4. To enhance the party atmosphere the evening’s guests were gifted brightly colored sequined hats, LED light tubes, beaded necklaces and glow-in-the-dark shutter shades.

One of the most unique aspects of the event was how it reconnected friends.. Daniel Concepcion has been a member of the AHRC community for years. He lives with his family and regularly attends agency bowling events. He was able to attend the Jubilee and was grateful to see some familiar faces at his table.

“I like that all my friends are here from bowling. I’ve been going to dances since last year,” said Daniel. “Lynne’s a very nice person. She works very hard at her job, putting all the dances together.”

Daniel was dressed formally in a suit and tie his mother helped him pick out. Other residents were assisted by their direct support staff, who made sure they looked their best for the evening.

Taiwan Verene, manager of the New Woods Rd, has been with the agency for over twenty years and was all smiles seeing the men and women he supports enjoying the event.

“The ladies chose to stay home [from day program] today to get hair and nails done. We picked the guys up early and helped get them ready,” said Taiwan.

“Everyone is having a great time. I think their favorite part is the caricatures. I’ve been with these residents for 18 years and I can tell you, none of them have ever gotten a caricature drawn of them.”

Pauline Wize made frequent visits to the photobooth, and took several pictures making silly faces, in different hats, wearing a feather boa while smiling widely with her shudder shades.

The night was also a celebration of the life of residents who passed. Streaming on the venue’s television screens was a slideshow with the lives lost in the last few years. The event was dedicated to their memory and that of a person very special to the organizer.

“Everyone asks me why I do what I do and it’s because there’s one person missing tonight and that’s why I started thinking about this over three years ago,” said Lynne.

Lynne was talking about her sister Diane, who passed during the pandemic. Diane’s wish was to use these funds to organize a memorial celebration for the members of the AHRC community. The party is the result of Lynne leading multiple fundraisers and community projects over the years. Over one hundred thousand pounds of clothing and ten thousand pairs of shoes later, Diane’s vision came to life in a Jubilee.