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Disability Employment Month: Abrar Butt

Disability Employment Month: Abrar Butt

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Abrar Butt on the job

For National Disability Employment Awareness Month (#NDEAM), we’re celebrating the important contributions of our team with profiles and articles throughout October.  #strongertogether #disabilitypride

Name: Abrar Butt

Job Title: Porter

Years on the Job: Approximately 8 years.

Responsibilities:  Abrar is responsible for a variety of maintenance assignments at the offices of the Department of Labor and the Department of Motor Vehicles. Abrar keeps the restrooms clean and well stocked with soap and paper products. He empties the trash, sweeps, mops and vacuums. Also, he maintains the large glass door panels so that they are crystal clear and free of fingerprints.

What This Job Means to Abrar:  Abrar enjoys his job and working with fellow crew members as well as modeling job tasks for others when the need arises. Abrar appreciates the independent lifestyle that this job empowers him to have.