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DSP Recognition Week Profile: Chris Croney

DSP Recognition Week Profile: Chris Croney

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Chris CroneyThis DSP Recognition Week 2022, fellow staff and people supported would like to highlight Chris Croney’s exceptional support and ability to connect with others as a Direct Support Professional (DSP) at AHRC Nassau’s Stewart Ave. and School Street IRA residences. 

“Chris is always willing to rise above the call of duty, no matter what the circumstances, and when he can’t personally help, he tries to find alternate solutions to the situation. During the most difficult of times, we can be certain he will be there to offer comfort and support. He is reliable and has proven how dependable and trustworthy he is. He is a kindhearted spirit, who always has a smile on his face. He knows how to conduct himself in a manner that exemplifies his understanding of his roles as support and friend for all the people he provides support for and works with. Overall, we are truly blessed and honored to have the privilege of working with Chris. Stewart Ave and School Street is and will be forever grateful for his commitment to us.” – Margaret Occhiogrosso, AHRC Residential Services  

Chris Croney supports Eric Forman and Mark Rotta to prepare a meal.People who receive support from Chris in the houses shared the below feedback:

  • Glenn Melling: “I really like Chris. He makes me laugh and I like to make him laugh. He helps me with my laundry every Tuesday.”
  • Russell Jewels: “Chris is one of my best friends. I wish he was here every day. He takes me out all the time and goes for walks with me.”
  • Eric Webber: “Chris is a very good man.”
  • Tim Lettal: “I really like Chris; he always makes me laugh.”
  • Eric Forman: “Chris always takes me and my housemates out on rec activities. He cooks for us and helps us around our home.”
  • Tristan Matuszak: “He is a great DSP. He helps out all the residents that need and or ask for help.”

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