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“Great Adventures” and Time With Friends in Pre-Vocational Services

“Great Adventures” and Time With Friends in Pre-Vocational Services

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On a summer Friday, Sal Traversa and friends from AHRC’s Pre-Vocational Services headed to Soup To Nuts Soup Kitchen, a food pantry in Freeport’s Christ Lutheran Church, to donate $50 towards the church’s community meals program.

Sal Traversa learns new skills in Pre-Vocational ServicesThis donation was particularly meaningful for Sal, who volunteered at the bake sale where the money was raised. Sal shares that he feels confident completing tasks and spending time with his friends in Pre-Vocational Services.

“We also do a lot of pop-up sales. I’m getting to be a master salesman. I must be going on great adventures,” mused Sal, who has received Pre-Vocational Services since he was 21.

Exploring new skills and volunteering with nonprofits across Nassau County is a part of Sal’s weekly schedule. His Pre-Vocational activities include a mix of gardening and product maintenance. Mondays and Wednesdays may include a visit to Wheatley Farms & Arts Center, where Sal learns how to care for goats, chickens, ducks, even a pig. Recently, Sal has been learning how to prepare the hay and use the professional tools necessary for farm work.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Sal may be assisting The Book Fairies, an organization that sources and donates books to underserved communities. Organizing books and placing them in different categories are a few of Sal’s favorite tasks.

Sal loves reading, particularly books on machinery and fairytales. Every now and then when he finishes his shift, The Book Fairies invite Sal to keep a book from his sorted piles.Photo of Sal Traversa at Pre-Vocational Services

In addition to volunteer work, Sal daily participates in paid internships ranging from food preparation to delivery to money handling.

For Sal, the opportunity to learn a variety of skills and time connecting with friends are what make him happiest.

“We feel the anxiety in a working environment might be too much for him. He’s comfortable where he is and happy to go to work every day,” shared his sister, Mollie Traversa. “We’re grateful to the staff, AHRC, and how they are constantly rethinking the service to allow Sal and his friends to have places to go where they can be happy and contribute to the community.”