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Radio City Rockettes “Christmas Spectacular” Shines Bright

Radio City Rockettes “Christmas Spectacular” Shines Bright

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For the first time ever, residents from AHRC’s Highland Avenue, New Woods Road and Ronni Drive traveled to New York City to see the Radio City Rockettes “Christmas Spectacular.”

AHRC Residents pose for a photo after seeing the Radio City RockettesThroughout the year, residents of Highland Avenue actively engage in various community activities, with staff members tailoring outings to meet individual interests. From festivals to barbecues and car shows, the men and women of Highland Avenue Home enjoy a wide range of events. However, the Radio City Spectacular was a “must-see” for everyone, and it marked the first time residents and staff traveled together as a group.

Highland Avenue House Manager, Crystal Nelson and Assistant Manager, Janne Lunsford, helped plan the special trip. A 20-person bus was rented, and snacks packed to ensure a smooth ride. After the show, they snapped a group photo in the lobby and headed home to end the long day with a pizza dinner.

“Before the pandemic, this was one of the big outings they wanted to have but never got to go to. We were happy to secure tickets for it this year,” said Crystal.
Altogether, the group included 12 residents and five staff members, including managers Crystal and Janne, and Direct Support Professionals Densiel Rhule, Emily Grooms, and Minerva Tucker.

“I don’t know how we can top this for next year,” shared Crystal.