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Supported Decision Making Seminar Shows Power of Choices

Supported Decision Making Seminar Shows Power of Choices

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Lawyer and disability advocate Jonathan Martinis holds a seminar on supported decision making at AHRC Nassau. In your life, who do you ask for advice? On relationships? Your finances?

If you’re unable or wouldn’t want to make these decisions independently, does that mean you can’t make choices about work, travel or other areas of your life? Jonathan Martinis, Esq., senior director for law and policy, at Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University, raised these questions to attendees of AHRC Nassau’s supported decision making workshops on April 9.

During this workshop, Martinis sought to shift perceptions on guardianship and a “one-size-fits-all approach.” In his opinion, the question becomes, if typical people are reliant on others and have dignity of risk, why is the expectation different for people with disabilities who may be able to manage most or many areas of their lives and need some support for others. To see a fuller explanation and case study, check out Martinis’ blog post, “From Justice for Jenny to Justice for All: EVERYONE Has the Right to Make Choices.”

For more upcoming seminars, check out https://www.ahrc.org/supportsandservices/familysupports/familyseminar/