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Supports & Services

AHRC Nassau supports 2,200 people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities through a wide array of supports and services. In doing so, we are proud to say that 90 cents of every dollar AHRC receives goes directly to programs supporting the people we support.

Our Services

Partner Services

Brookville Center for Children's Services

AHRC Nassau partners with Brookville Center for Children's Services to provide Daycare/Preschool, Special Education, Respite & Recreation, Home & Community Based, and Children's Residential Services.

Citizens Options Unlimited, Inc.

AHRC Nassau partners with Citizens Options Unlimited, Inc. to provide Residential Services, Respite Services, Recreation, and Self-Direction.

AHRC Foundation

AHRC Nassau partners with Nassau County AHRC Foundation to provide Supplemental Needs Trusts and additional supports to the family of organizations.

Advantage Care Health Centers

AHRC Nassau partners with Advantage Care Health Centers to provide quality medical, dental and mental/behavioral health services to all members of the community.