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Volunteer Spotlight: Kelly Grieshaber

Volunteer Spotlight: Kelly Grieshaber

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Farmingdale resident, Kelly Grieshaber, has regularly volunteered with AHRC Nassau for a decade. Kelly participates in as many events as she can, and is a regular at community bowling and dances. After ten years, she has participated in over 200 events by attending one every couple of weeks.

Photo of Volunteer Kelly Grieshaber“I like to see people enjoying themselves and how much this means for them,” said Kelly. “A lot of planning goes into these events and the participants get so much out of it. Also, it’s fun, that’s probably why I’ve been doing it so long.”

Kelly got her start with AHRC Community Relations Liaison, Lynne Brewer ranging from dances and bowling to holiday events. Initially, Kelly sought to build up her volunteer experience for her resume, but found so much more.

For those interested in volunteering with members of the intellectual and developmental community, her advice is to “Keep an open mind, and focus on making sure the person you’re supporting is safe and having a great time.”

If you’re interested in volunteering opportunities with AHRC, be sure to complete our volunteer submission form here.