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Thomas S. Gulotta Wheatley Farms & Arts Center

Nature, creativity and community go to the heart of the Thomas. S. Gulotta Wheatley Farms & Arts Center. Building on a person-centered and community-inclusive philosophy, Wheatley Farms will offer the highest-quality outdoors and arts program for the entire community to enjoy.

Opening in Fall 2022, Wheatley Farms will be a place where people with shared interests in nature, animals and horticulture connect with each other and their community. People with developmental disabilities are leading the fully inclusive farm and look forward to welcoming you.

Community members are invited to volunteer: During weekday hours, from 9:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m., volunteers will come together in the care and upkeep of the farm as well as its animal residents. Additionally, we are recruiting volunteers for afternoons and weekends. Large corporate projects are welcome. For more information, visit ahrc.org/volunteer 

Phase I will run through the end of 2022.  Activities of the farm will primarily consist of:

  • Animal Care: Join in supporting the care and love needed by our animal residents. Grooming, feeding, cleaning and lots of love required!
  • Hydroponics and Harvesting: Join us as we launch a “Grow to Give” initiative. We will be engaging with and sharing healthy, fresh produce with food pantries as well as neighbors who are struggling with food insecurity.
  • Arts and Mixed Media: The world is beautiful! We will be hosting photography and art initiatives that highlight diverse perspectives and talent.

Property renovations will continue in Phase II  and III and run through the end of 2023.  Comprehensive indoor activities and offerings will include: 

  • Country Kitchen: Culinary workshops will promote cooking skills and the benefits of healthy cooking and eating. Special cooking workshops will be offered based on the farms’ harvest.
  • Artist Alcoves: The east wing of the farmhouse will offer space for small groups and art classes, including canvas painting, photography and clay.
  • Music: Musicians will be engaged in leading workshops on vocal practice, instrument instruction and rhythmic activity.
  • Motion: The center of motion activities will be in the farmhouse’s east wing. People will be engaged on opportunities and workshops promoting physical activity and wellness through dance and yoga.
  • Relaxation and Meditation: A variety of classes will be held in the Four Seasons Sunroom.
  • Great Gathering: The great room provides a beautiful area to gather, socialize, provide education, share meals and offer various wellness activities.
  • Film, Podcast Radio (Enhanced Media Arts Room): Get ready for your close-up! A fully equipped studio for filmmaking, radio and podcasts is planned for greater community connection!

Volunteer opportunities are currently available. For more information, visit ahrc.org/volunteer 

If you or a family member are interested in learning more about AHRC Nassau’s Day Services:
Call (516) 644-4800 during business hours
centralenrollment@ahrc.org or
CLICK HERE to fill out Services Inquiry Form.

The AHRC Nassau Board of Directors is dedicating Wheatley Farms in honor of former Nassau County Executive Thomas S. Gulotta in recognition for his 25 years of public service and private service commitment to advancing opportunity and inclusion of people with developmental disabilities.