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Thomas S. Gulotta Wheatley Farms & Arts Center

Thomas S. Gulotta Wheatley Farms & Arts Center

The Thomas. S. Gulotta Wheatley Farms & Arts Center welcomes people of all abilities to connect with nature and People supported work at Wheatley Farms with the people around them.  Become a part of our world by taking classes, or volunteering across dozens of areas to support operations and maintenance of this 2.5-acre farm, farmhouse and greenhouse.  Opened in Brookville, NY in the fall of 2022, Wheatley Farms & Arts Center is creating opportunities that engage, enrich and elevate our shared community.

Through a unique partnership with AHRC Nassau, men and women enrolled in AHRC Nassau’s day habilitation services are engaged in the daily operation of Wheatley Farms & Arts. Whether a person is enrolled in Person Without Walls (PWW) supports, or through a site-based opportunity, men and women throughout AHRC Nassau’s day services can enjoy the Wheatley Farms & Arts experience.

Community Workshops Are Now Open!

Wheatley Farms Volunteer Shows Off Project Our beautiful Clubhouse is now open!  As we grow our programming with intentionality of purpose, we welcome members of the community whose interests span from mindfulness, creativity, wellness, arts, horticulture and nature to connect with yourself, animals and with each other by joining one of the following in-person opportunities. In addition to the Clubhouse, some classes/workshops will be held in our main Farmhouse, which will be undergoing a full renovation in 2023-2024. We can’t wait! 


We Welcome Volunteers!

During weekday hours, from 9:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m., volunteers can join in the care and upkeep of the farm and its animal residents! We are Person supported works with animal at Wheatley Farms also in need of volunteers for afternoons and weekends. Spring is right around the corner, and Wheatley Farms & Arts is familiar with working with Eagle Scout projects and timelines!  We welcome a conversation on how best to match your interest to the growth and development of our offerings. Email here!

Corporate Service Days: We are also able to accommodate large, outdoor corporate projects!  Find out more!  

Volunteer opportunities are currently available. For more information, visit ahrc.org/volunteer 

Interested in providing a workshop at Wheatley Farms & Arts Center? Download our proposal form.