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AHRC’s Café 230 Delivers Warmth and Made-to-Order Meals

AHRC’s Café 230 Delivers Warmth and Made-to-Order Meals

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AHRC Cafe 230 deliveryCafé 230, AHRC’s catering service, remains in action thanks to dedicated staff.

In these challenging times, Culinary Manager Percival Acquino and Food Service Worker Maureen Lanzello are preparing and dropping off meals at AHRC houses. This meal option is available to all AHRC houses, who place requests – offering dedicated staff an opportunity to step out of the kitchen.

“The Café 230 team understood what these meals meant to staff and were ready to be of service. It’s inspiring to see the team in action, going above and beyond” said Todd Borom, Director of Business Development and Corporate Engagement.

Another example is Employment Training Specialist Cathy Indelicato-Hawkins. Cathy recently visited the Long Island Council of Churches Food Pantry in Freeport to pick up food for a person we support and her mother who live in Hempstead.

“We’re all part of the same community,” said Todd. “Taking care of each other is what we do.”