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Members of our Pre-Vocational program pose for a photo in front of their pop-up shops for Wheatley Farms

Pre-Vocational Teams Lead Pop-up Sales for Wheatley Farms

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

AHRC’s Pre-Vocational (pre-voc) program provides people with intellectual and developmental disabilities valuable skills that can help them gain meaningful employment. The 29 people who benefit from this service work in groups of four volunteering with community partners. As the spring gardening season ramps up, one... Read More

The ladies at Livingston Street pose for a photo with the flowers they donated for Mother's Day

Livingston St. Surprises Nursing Home with Mother’s Day Gifts

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

For some people, Mother’s Day is not a straightforward holiday. Not everyone has a mother to celebrate or a child to celebrate with them. The residents at the Livingston St. Residence take a different approach, choosing to acknowledge Mother’s Day by giving back to the... Read More

Farmingdale Day Services volunteers enjoy a luncheon at Farmingdale Library

Farmingdale Library Celebrates Day Services Volunteers

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Every Thursday, people receiving day services in Farmingdale volunteer at the local library to help maintain the space by dusting, shelving, tidying the common areas and collecting stray books. On the week of April 19, Farmingdale Library’s Head of Reference, Stuart Schaeffer, planned a celebratory... Read More

Jericho High School students working together with AHRC Nassau's Day-Habilitation at Wheatley Farms

Mentorship On the Farm

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Day-Habilitation Provides Mentorship to Jericho High School Students On a warm, beautiful spring day at Wheatley Farms & Arts Center, Melissa Chan, Tristan Matuszak, Samantha Rubin, Caitlin Wilkenshoff and Brianna Klass were ready to welcome a group of Jericho High School Career & Employment Options... Read More

Attendees gathered for the Personal Outcomes Measures (POMS) “Choices” event.

Community Members Explore Day Services at “Choices” Event

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Nearly 100 people gathered in the Brookville Mansion ballroom to attend the Personal Outcomes Measures (POMS) “Choices” event. The event takes place every year during Compass Week, an annual validation process where OPWDD regulators assess person-centered outcomes. For a provider to be designated a Compass... Read More