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From Volunteer to Program Leader: How Justine Bokun is Shaping Lives at AHRC

From Volunteer to Program Leader: How Justine Bokun is Shaping Lives at AHRC

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Justine Bokun poses with a person supportedAfter nearly five years in her role, Justine Bokun, a Lindenhurst resident, was promoted to Program Coordinator of Day Services. In this role, she will take on a supervisory position covering duties for three day services sites —two in Farmingdale and one in Plainview.

AHRC Nassau prides itself on the deep partnerships formed with volunteers in the community. For some, the impact the agency has on them is so profound that they embrace the opportunity to build a career here.

This was the case for Justine, who was first introduced to the agency at just 15 years old, then a ninth-grade student at Farmingdale Memorial High School.

She volunteered in community services, mainly planning and organizing recreational events for the members of the AHRC community.

Her diligent work with AHRC throughout high school earned her a Leadership Award in her senior year.

In 2019 she joined the agency as a Day Services Activities Coordinator and continued doing more of what she loved—curating meaningful recreational experiences for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“My goal has always been to create meaningful, fulfilling experiences for the individuals we support. I want them to have fun, to learn, to experience and explore new things and learn new skills. They come first and in this new position I have more of a direct role to ensure that it happens,” said Justine.

She feels truly fulfilled with her work and says that the secret to success is to be guided by an open heart and mind.

She enjoys the profound experiences she has with the people she supports and is happy and eager to come to work every day, a feeling she wants to share with her staff.