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Gold Medals for All at AHRC’s Bethpage Hubsite

Gold Medals for All at AHRC’s Bethpage Hubsite

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The AHRC Bethpage Hubsite celebrates Olympics DaySome things are too inspiring not to share! The memorable Olympics Day event at the Bethpage Hubsite was the result of an engaged direct care team, who knew exactly how to create good cheer and include people supported in the excitement of the Olympics. Here’s a look at the event and behind the scenes at the DSP team who made this happen.

  • Christina Cooke came up with the idea for a hubsite Olympics Day.  She made a huge bulletin board and worked with people supported to decorate it. Christina also came up with different games to play along with sign-in sheets so people supported could decide which game they’d like to participate in.
  • Anthony Jackson conducted many of the games and served as the score keeper. He also was the staff member who called out each person to come up and receive their gold medals. Even the next day for those who weren’t part of the games, Anthony handed out gold medals to make sure everyone felt part of the celebration.
  • Krystie Damsker was the Olympian DJ. She played all kinds of motivating songs to keep everyone pumped. She also played the national anthem to start the games off.
  • Tina Rodriguez sent letters home, observed the games and cheered people on to greater success!


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