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Celebrating Employee Milestones

Celebrating Employee Milestones

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On the evening of July 13, AHRC and Citizens Options Unlimited held their 2023 Employee Milestones Celebration. The dinner recognized employees working with the respective agencies for more than 25 years. For the first time since the pandemic, employees were invited to enjoy a dinner catered by Wheatley Farms and received a candle and soap gift.

Brookville Center teachers and staff will hold their own Employee Milestone Celebration in October.

The recent Employee Milestone Celebration for AHRC recognized over 700 employees for achieving significant employment milestones of five years or more. As a token of appreciation, these employees also received a monetary gift.

“I remained impressed as I was from day one when I started with this organization,” said CEO Stanfort Perry. “I want to thank you for your commitment because that commitment over time has not failed. It’s only grown stronger. For that, we are proud and honored to recognize each of you this evening.”

Photo of staff celebrating their 25 year milestones

Celebrating 25 years with AHRC:
Christopher P. Williams, Joseph Mandella, Anne Marie Ryan, Robin D. Erhart, Veronica R. Petrella, Marie R. Simon, Lisa M. Shortell, Eric Rosen, Leonard L. Giarraputo, Claudette F. Bryan, Sondra L. Baggott, Andrea A. Sullivan, Megan Seligman, Glenn Carbaugh, Monique Zalduondo, Judith A. Green, James E. Van Epps, Jason F. Persan, Indar Ronnie Maharaj, Karen D. Saunders, Sharea D. Moses, Harry Bernard, Doris Renee Rivers, Kim M. Bregel







Photo of staff celebrating their 30 year milestones

Celebrating 30 years with AHRC:
Robert M. Jackson, Junior Dunn, Colleen A. Tapia, Lolita Beathea, Susan Limiti, Karen Mclean, Rita L. Fisher, Gary Reilling, Brian O’reilly, Joyce B. Goodwin, Marlon Mullings, Brooke M. Gillman, Doreen Natiello, Maryann D. Martin, Jeanette C. Vespe, Pamela D. Bills, Kelley Stewart, Christine Masciovecchio, Delia Jaeger, Lisa Moosmueller, Teresa Reyes, Anthony J. Daniels, Eileen P. Stewart-Rooney, Claire Hurtado, Robin F. Green, Scott A. Engerson






Photo of staff celebrating their 35 year milestones

Celebrating 35 years with AHRC:
George Pitts