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AHRC Nassau Executive Director Stanfort Perry Shares Vaccination Experience

AHRC Nassau Executive Director Stanfort Perry Shares Vaccination Experience

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AHRC Nassau: From the Desk of the Executive Director
Executive Director Stanfort Perry Shares His Vaccination Experience

Executive Director Stanfort Perry receives vaccine. This week, Daphne and I received our first dose of the Moderna vaccine.  I was thrilled to take this vaccine because it provides me with the chance to keep myself and others safe from contracting Covid-19.  As we all know, our community has seen the devastating consequences of this virus.  Many of the people we support, staff, family and friends have been affected in a variety of different ways.
I am thankful that the medical community has developed this vaccine to help us all return to normal, once enough people have been vaccinated.  I understand that there is some hesitancy among some of our staff, due to the history of harmful and deadly medical experimentation, especially among African Americans. The pandemic won’t end when a vaccine is approved, but when everyone is vaccinated. The people who need protection from the coronavirus the most will continue to be at risk unless they believe the vaccine is both effective and safe. If we do not establish trust in a vaccine, the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to disproportionately impact people of color and reinforce the systemic racism that has long produced health inequity in our nation.

If you are concerned about taking the vaccine, speak to your personal physician, join one of the many virtual forums that are being planned with our medical staff and leadership, and talk to informed people that you know and trust.  Many of the people we support, our staff leadership and DSPs have already taken the vaccine and are doing well. We have received no reports of harmful or negative side effects and these people are on the way to better preventive health.  Won’t you join them, by taking the vaccine as soon as you can make an appointment?

As you know, providers of services to people with developmental disabilities and the people we support are in Phase 1A of eligibility to receive this vaccine.  Please take advantage of this excellent opportunity to be at the front of line and do yourself and those who rely on you a favor.  Get vaccinated.

Eligible employees in Vaccination Group 1A should contact their supervisors for more information on vaccination appointments.