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Call the Governor and your Legislators Today!

PLEASE TELL GOVERNOR CUOMO NOT TO FORGET US! Everyone needs to CALL OR WRITE the Governor and your Senator, Assembly member today!  Act NOW or it will be too late!  The Governor’s Budget amendments will be out next week! Governor … Continued

Spring Fling at Sparkling Pointe

Please join us on a trip to Sparkling Pointe and enjoy an exclusive tour, top prestige Sparkling Wines and Italian Buffet Lunch.  To Benefit Camp Loyaltown.  Purchase Tickets (more…)

A Whole Lott More

Lott industries in Toledo, Ohio, employs more than 1,200 workers, all with developmental disabilities.  For decades the company excelled in assembling car parts.  However, with the decline of the auto industry in neighboring Detroit, Lott is threatened with closure.  The … Continued

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