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DEI – Strategies and Objectives

DEI Strategies and Objectives 

To move from intent into action and outcomes, we must develop, implement, measure, and sustain an Action Plan that aligns with our areas of focus. 

Graphic describing DEI strategies and objectives

People: Strategy 1

Attract, retain, and develop a diverse Board of Directors and workforce at all levels. Therefore AHRC reflects the populations in which we operate.


Culture: Strategy 2

Using the lens of DEI to inform our work, interactions, and engagements. Embedding DEI principles into our organization to transform the organizational culture so that staff members, people supported, and partners, particularly those who are absent, marginalized, and underrepresented, will experience AHRC, as the diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace that we aspire to become.

Programs: Strategy 3

Ensuring we can support a diverse IDD community in and outside the organization through culturally competent partnerships, trainings, workshops, and events.

Objective 1.1 Objective 2.1 Objective 3.1
Recruit Diverse Talent

Recruit skilled Board Members and staff members of diverse backgrounds and experiences. Specifically address disparate BIPOC representation at management and Board levels.

Value Differences

Facilitate a workplace culture that integrates greater awareness, appreciation, and understanding of differences into every interaction. To provide an environment where everyone will feel comfortable and safe despite their differences.

Strengthen Collaboration & Capacity

Incorporate diverse talent and expertise and deeply infuse DEI principles into our work to support people, their families, and the community.

Objective 1.2 Objective 2.2 Objective 3.2
Retain Diverse Talent

Directly address the higher attrition of BIPOC staff and Board Members. Expand our focus on retaining diverse staff and Board Members more broadly.

Support Learning & Development

Improve the conditions, processes, technical support, and ongoing training for leadership, supervisors, and staff members to gain cultural competency skills.

Strengthen Partnerships

Strengthen collaborative relationships with external partners and communities. Consider ways to increase cultural literacy through outreach and collaboration

Objective 1.3 Objective 2.3 Objective 3.3
Develop Diverse Talent

Ensure ongoing professional development to maintain a diverse workforce at all organization levels and support future BIPOC leaders.

Foster Action

Foster an environment where every person is empowered and is responsible for advancing DEI goals

Invest our Resources with Purpose

Support diverse and minority-owned suppliers by providing equity in sourcing and purchasing opportunities.

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