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DEI – Vision for Transformative Impact & Guiding Principles

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Vision for Transformative Impact 

A demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion with measurable impact is a pillar of the values of AHRC Nassau and the way we deliver our mission.  

This is our shared understanding of how this work integrates with our organization’s values and mission to create long-lasting change. 

Guiding Principles 

These key ideas will guide how we will accomplish our DEI goals and help set the tone of our future DEI work. 

Inclusive and Engaging – Efforts should include representation of BIPOC experiences, roles, and responsibilities across our family of organizations. Additionally, efforts should work to ensure that participation and engagement are available to everyone. 

Evolutionary and Ongoing – A transformative DEI program takes time and intentional everyday commitment. Moreover, it requires ongoing investment to support incremental, measured, and sustained change. 

Transparent, Accountable, and Measurable – Management must openly share progress with the plan. The organization will transparently collect and share key data that monitors progress. AHRC Nassau will use specific, meaningful metrics, and must adjust when needed to address obstacles. 

Evidence-Based and Driven by Best Practice – The DEI program will be rooted in organizational needs and disparities identified in objective qualitative and quantitative data. Solutions will apply historically contextualized approaches to building diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Centered and Equity-Focused – Efforts, actions, and decision-making should include those who are most affected by inequities. Efforts should prioritize equity over equality. 

Transformational and Bold – Our work in this area will require a real focus on racial, ethnic, and cultural differences instead of supporting surface-level efforts. The organization recognizes that true transformation often creates discomfort for many people and resistance from some. Therefore, AHRC Nassau is prepared to respond to this without diminishing the plan. 

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